Frequently Asked Questions

What breed will we have?

We do our best to announce the breed about a week ahead of class on our social media pages. You're also always welcome to send us an email! However, please note that the breed is never guaranteed as with live animals things can always change at the last minute.

What happens to the puppies after class?

The dogs are only with us for a few hours to be socialized ahead of leaving for their forever homes. Usually, our puppies are about a week away from leaving their mom and littermates for their forever homes. Being in our classes allows them to explore in a safe environment and allows for a more gentle wean from mama as they start to find a little confidence without her for a few hours.

Where do the puppies come from?

We vet our breeder partners carefully to ensure that we are working with local breeders that love dogs as much as we do! We make sure that our breeder partners are keeping mom safe and healthy and following ethical best practices to keep all the dogs in their care happy and well cared for.

What is your return policy?

As we only have a few classes a week we have a final sale policy in place. That being said, you are always able to transfer your ticket to a friend or loved one in your place if you can't make it.

For our corporate and private events, we can offer an exchange on the date as long as we have two weeks notice for our breeder partners and staffing. There may be a small fee associated with moving the date.

More Questions? Feel free to reach out below!

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