Corporate and Private Events at Pawpals Puppy Yoga in Toronto

We love hosting corporate and private puppy yoga experiences curated just for you!

Whether you're looking to find a fun and unique team building activity or celebrating an extra special birthday, puppy yoga at Pawpals is the best way to bring joy to your event! We've worked with some amazing brands across Toronto and have the experience to help you create a puppy yoga session that checks all the boxes!

Puppy Yoga

At our place or yours! We will provide an amazing class to help your team stretch and breathe while the sweetest puppies roam the room! 

Puppy Wellness Sessions

If yoga isn't quite a fit for your team, we can customize a puppy wellness session to allow your group to experience all the benefits of puppy loving with a mindfulness moment! We would love to host at our studio in Downtown Toronto, or we can bring an extra large puppy play pen to your location.  Our instructors will help your group slow down and take a pause with the heartwarming interactions of puppies to enhance joy and wellness.

Whatever your needs are, we would love to chat with you! Drop us a line below and we'll be in touch!

Brands We've Worked With

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