Morkie puppy at puppy yoga in downtown Toronto

A Day In The Life Of Pawpals Puppy Yoga

Do you ever wonder how it looks behind the scenes at Pawpals Puppy Yoga? Let's take a peek at what a typical day at the studio looks like!

10:00 AM

Staff arrive to make sure the studio is ready for our puppy friends. We set out fresh water bowls, clean toys and soft blankets in the playpen to keep the babies snuggled up between sessions.

10:30 AM

Puppies arrive!! We welcome our puppy friends an hour before our classes start. This gives us a chance to make sure that they have some time to settle into the space before our guests arrive. Giving the puppies an opportunity to run and play in the room helps set them up with a little extra confidence once the classes begin.

11:10 AM

We settle the puppies into the playpen so that we can get the mats out for our class. 

11:20 AM

Doors open! We welcome our guests to class ten minutes before the start time so they can settle in and say an early hello to the puppies in the playpen. 

11:30 AM

We start our classes with a five minute safety briefing and then quickly release the dogs once the yoga begins. Our classes have about 48 minutes of yoga and about 15 or 20 minutes of puppy playtime.

12:30 PM

After saying goodbye to our first yoga class we make sure that the puppies are settled in for a nap. The 30 minute break between classes allows us to make sure that the puppies are fed if they need to be and gives them a chance to rest quietly as well. 

12:50 PM

Doors open

1:00 PM

Our second amazing puppy yoga class begins for the day!

2:00 PM

As we say goodbye to the guests from our second class we once again make sure that the puppies have an opportunity to take a nap and snuggle up with each other if they want to. It's not unusual to find a member of our team snuggled up in the playpen with the dogs too!

2:20 PM

Doors open for our final class of the day.


Our third and final session begins! Usually this is the class where the puppies are most confident. They have had a chance to get familiar with the room and the routine and are at their most playful and confident selves!

3:30 PM

Breeder Pickup. The puppies are ready to go back home to mama!

Team Pawpals says goodbye to our guests and get started on a thorough cleaning. We mop the floors, take out garbage, clean mats and wipe down all the surfaces with medical grade cleaner so that the next group of puppies come into a safe and sterilized environment.

We love what we do! And we are so grateful for the amazing days that we get to spend at Pawpals. Now you have spent one with us too!

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